Malaysia Golden Crossback Arowana (MGBB,MGGB)

Malaysia Golden Crossback Arowana (MGBB,MGGB)


Malaysia Golden Crossback Arowana (MGBB,MGGB)

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Malaysia Golden Crossback Colour Base
  • Blue Base
  • Golden Base
  • Green Base
  • Purple Base
Four of the colour bases above will only know when the fish reaches 7 inch and above but mostly are Blue Base (Malaysia Golden Blue Base / MGBB)

Tank Surrounding Background

White will be the best option for size 3 inch to 7 inch because it will fasten the colour of fish especially their little pearl ''Chu''.

When the little pearl ''Chu'' has appeared , can consider switching the background to Black / Blue for tanning the colour base also can remain the same white background as well.

''Normally at size 7 inch and above.''


Arowana White Light

  • Pallet
  • Worm
  • Fish
  • Prawn
  • Cricket
  • Etc.

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