What’s the difference between Indonesia Red and Local ( Malaysia ) Red ?
The origin of Arowana Red types such as Super Red, Chili Red and Blood Red is known from the upper part of the Kapuas River and nearby lakes in western Indonesia part of Borneo. Few decades ago , Malaysia Arowana Farms and Arowana Hobbyists have started importing Red types from Indonesia. As the time goes by , the quantity of Red from Indonesia has obviously increased in Malaysia Market. Many big fish from the market have gone to Arowana Farm for breeding till today. So we have Indonesia Red and Local ( Malaysia ) Red nowadays.
  Why do Indonesia red types have longer fins and bigger tail compare to Local ( Malaysia ) Red ?
Indonesia is the origin of Red types so they will definitely have more varieties and productions than us. The development of Local Red is getting better and better by keep advancing the quality of them.
  What is MGBB ?
MGBB is the short form from Malaysia Golden Blue Base. Malaysia Golden Blue Base is also called as Crossback Blue Base. Blue Base is one of the colour bases of them. Malaysia Golden / Crossback has total four types of colour base which are golden base , blue base , purple base and green base.
  Do we guarantee the fish will be safe on arrival ?
We will ensure our costumers receive fish in good condition , if the fish is dead when unboxing don’t worry we will take full responsibility and make a 1 to 1 compensation to our customers. *If any cases happen please take video immediately as evidence and send to our customer service for a solution.
  How long does it take to receive the fish ?
It would be 2-5 business days depends on the size of fish. Once the fish is sent out, the fish will be arrived to our customers hand by the next day within 24 hours. Any delay will be noticed in advance.
  Do we send to Sabah ?
Unfortunately, currently it’s unavailable for East Malaysia.
On the contrary , West Malaysia is available with free shipping for every purchase of fish.